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Industrial Sector

Founding the industrial sector of Al-Hassan & Al-Hussein Group complements the mentioned (journey) and is driven by the accumulated experiences and the future vision of relentless work, sincere intention and trust in Allah. Proceeding from this stand, we purchased a 10,000 square meter plot of land in Port Said’s industrial area​​ in 2004.

Feasibility studies were conducted to establish 5 food factories, primarily a huge factory powered by German and international technology for the production of processed meat. These factories included production lines designed to produce 1000 tons per month as an initial phase and developed for expansions to produce 2000 tons per month. The outcome of that industrial complex led to the launching of Al Hassan Al Hussein’s first products in the Egyptian market in 2008.

By the grace of Allah, followed by success of our vision and goals, and with the increase in demand for Al Hassan and Al Hussein products, the maximum production capacity was achieved in 2010.

For purpose of expediency, we added advanced production lines to raise our production capacity to 2000 tons per month. In 2013, These quantities were 95% produced and sold in the Egyptian market and 5% in some Arab countries. This milestone was first achieved by Allah’s grace, followed by hard work, determination, team spirit, dedication and a quality management approach towards improving the quality of our products. This improvement has been accomplished by research & development, attending international exhibitions for food quality and safety, while adhering to our philosophy, vision, principles and our goals with Allah’s goodness.

The increased demand on our products, remarkably the export requests of most Arab countries, has led to challenges in meeting the supply of several sectors in the Egyptian market, most prominently hyper retail outlets, supermarket chains, and catering, which includes hotels and resorts sector. Our production capacity has become un-equivalent to these sale demands which rather exceeded and surpassed that capacity!!



Commercial Sector

The demand on food products is undoubtedly is growing in general, as it represents one of the essential needs of life, especially meat products of various types and kinds. The foremost challenge in the business sector has been the varying degree of quality expected from producers and suppliers, as well as price fluctuations that happens whenever any economic or even political variables occurs in the Egyptian market or society. Therefore, we managed to: -

  1. Delve into meat processing in particular and strategic commodities in general.
  2. Look carefully at the strategic division of the Republic and the Arab world to distribute our products with a guarantee of consumer health.

 The decision was to enter the business of meat processing.  This decision would be the primary guarantee of processed meat products quality and further development to the concept of disintermediation to reduce distribution channels between (producer - agent - distributor - wholesaler - sectoral trader - retailer - all the way to the consumer). All while upholding our slogans (Producer to Consumer, no intermediary) and our Triple Safety Triangle (honesty - quality - price).

in 1995, the first retail market was founded as the inception spin-off of Al-Hassan & Al-Hussein Group. The market was attained impressive success for its quality and non- rivaled prices to the people of Port Said, as illustrated in the company’s journey.

Logistical Sector

Our group owns a fleet of vehicles that enables safe delivery of its products to every customer in all governorates of Egypt in line with ISO standards. This is in addition to a fleet of vehicles serving customers of super, hypermarket chains, and retail outlets in Cairo and Giza as well as fleets of agents and distributors in all governorates of the Republic. Our group also hires Magic Car Company for refrigerated transport that is equipped with the latest technology to deliver frozen and chilled goods. With Allah’s grace, this brings our total fleet to 225 cars of various sizes working around the clock.

The group also owns 56 freezers, refrigerators, and tunnels with a storage capacity of 5,000-ton within the industrial complex.

As well as 5 dry and air-conditioned warehouses with a 10,000 tons capacity fit to accommodate auxiliary materials and productive inputs.

In addition to fridges and depots of agents and distributors hired by the group, which has an estimated capacity of 2,500 tons.

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