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Our vision is derived from our mission statement that is vested in our hearts and minds. Driven by such spirit, we focus on elevating Al Hassan & Al Hussein group to be among the top economic corporates in Egypt, the Arab nation and the whole world. We seek to maintain the group’s distinguishing position as a leading giant in the market of meat and poultry manufacturing and their derivatives. We adhere to this aim and go beyond to form economic entities that lay the foundation for developing technologically advanced factories for the production of processed meat and poultry and their derivatives, as well as other plants that produce strategic goods and commodities and their supplements. In addition to establishing a chain of retail outlets under (Wow Foods – Different Market) across Egypt and the Arab world according to the Arab strategic division with the purpose of attending to various social segments by creating 2000 outlets, while promoting an initiative to engage with large and similar economic entities in the Arab world. This chain will consciously provide Arab consumers with products of the highest quality and lowest possible price through our trademarks. Our slogan has always been and will remain “Triple Safety Triangle” (Honesty – Quality – Price), the essence of our core values and principles.


Our mission lies in securing the consumer’s confidence across various purchasing classes. We are committed to be the excellent hands that respect the effort of every individual to carry on in this life. We hope to have connected our inner beliefs through this mission to be granted Allah’s approval and hopefully gaining the satisfaction of our dear Arab homeland compatriots.


This cycle proves that even the slightest rare error has such gravity, particularly in the food processing industry. Rising to this responsibility, we work tirelessly, laboriously, and persistently in drawing limits and developing policies with strict rules and standards for our foundation. We implemented control mechanisms to monitor the applied system within our company, driven by a modern concept that stands upon non-existent errors and exceptionally rare if any.

Our slogan has always been and will remain “Triple Safety Triangle” (Honesty - Quality - Price), the essence of our core values and principles.

Strategic Objectives of our Group

  • Compliance with domestic and international regulations and European policies related to food processing.
  • Continuous development and constant communication with scientific developments in the world.
  • Integration of industrial, business, and logistical sectors and subsidiaries of our Group in an integrated foundation).
  • Keep abreast with technical developments in global production edifices.
  • Developing product manufacturing stages by applying HACCP systems.
  • Developing our suppliers and customers to become (Actual Partners) who algin in vision and practice with local and international regulations and policies related to the supply of raw materials and safe global vendor systems.
  • Encouraging highly qualified human capital to lead by being placed in positions that enables innovation and distinction in leadership, taking advantage of the system expertise, since human capital is the basis for the growth of an organization. (ERP system)
  • Development of integrated solutions system software.
  • Achieving maximum efficiency rates to compete internationally.
  • Adopt our slogan, Triple Safety Triangle (honesty, quality and price).
  • Go beyond the popular economic rule (quality is directly related to price).
  • Achieving our customers satisfaction by delivering a set of products that provide a lifestyle blended with a taste of luxury and suits various buying segments.
  • Developing our team performance through continuous and diversified comprehensive training programs. Using the latest technology and techniques in the field of manufacturing. Managing our Group to achieve the highest performance rate.
  • Applying modern standards for comprehensive quality systems and health safety standards (HACCP) for foodstuffs. Consolidating and endorsing quality sustainability systems (the strategy is to choose the day that will affect the results of tomorrow).

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